Åre winterseason 2024 how did it play out?

Guestit is outperforming the market!

By Mattias LambergMay 17, 2024
Åre winterseason 2024 how did it play out?
Åre Winter Season 2024! 

The winter season in Åre 2024 has been characterized by significant features and an interest rate that, historically, is significantly higher than in the past 20 years in Sweden. This has influenced the supply and demand in Åre. However Guestit are very pleased with our results and can lean back with a performance that far exceeds the market.

Here are some facts from the winter season 2024 in Åre:
- The supply of accommodations on the market in Åre has been +70% higher throughout the season compared to the previous year.
- Guestit has had a portfolio that is 100% larger than the previous year and managed about 10,000 bookings this year.
- Our owners have had significantly better occupancy during the most important weeks in Åre—Christmas, New Year, and the winter break weeks—compared to the market, which is great since we know many have struggled to get their accommodations rented out during these weeks. GRAF below shows occupancy % throughout the season:
Occupancy% Guestit grey line and market red line

- Despite doubling our portfolio of accommodations, we have the same or even slightly higher occupancy compared to the previous year. This proves that our flexible solution for both owners and guests works, and that our dynamic pricing is outperforming the competition and is the right way to go in Åre.

Now we are looking forward to the growing summer season as well!

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