Guestit continues to scale up!

Scaling up

By Mattias LambergApril 22, 2024
Guestit continues to scale up!
Scaling up! 

We are proud to announce that once again we have managed to significantly grow the company, and our path to becoming the number one stop shop rental provider in the Nordics has gained momentum. 
📍Revenue in year 2020/2021: 21M SEK
📍Revenue in year  2021/2022: 42M SEK (+100%)
📍Revenue in year  2022/2023: 68M SEK (+61%)
During this period, we have also grown profitably and have never brought in capital from external investors.
What also is excited to announce is that we are aiming to climb over 100M SEK revenue level for the year 2023/2024.
Stay tuned and see if our projections are right. 
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