Guestit Outperforms Long-Term Rentals

Guestit Outperforms Long-Term Rentals: A Case Study

By Olof KernellMarch 13, 2024
Guestit Outperforms Long-Term Rentals
Guestit Outperforms Long-Term Rentals: A Case Study

Julia's Story

Julia, a finance professional, had previously rented out her apartment long-term on various occasions. Currently living with her partner, she was undecided about her plans for the apartment. Until she decided to sell or move back in, she chose to rent it out.

Over a year ago, Julia contacted Guestit, curious if we could offer her a better return than she was getting on the long-term market. We did, to say the least.

Guestit's Challenges

  1. Consistently delivering a higher return than Julia's long-term rental income
  2. Maintaining high occupancy and nightly rates during low season
  3. Mapping out Stockholm's year-round competition

Our Approach

  1. Our pricing team built a tailor-made pricing strategy for the apartment
  2. We check the condition of the apartment between each guest and take care of what needs to be done - sometimes we even act as property managers
  3. We collect and analyze market data - we could almost call ourselves experts

The Results

  1. On average, 112% higher revenue than Julia would have received from long-term contracts
  2. We maintained revenue and occupancy even during the low season
  3. A satisfied homeowner who can relax while we take care of her home

Julia's Testimonial

"Guestit has been a lifesaver! I was initially hesitant to switch from long-term rentals, but I'm so glad I did. The team at Guestit is incredibly professional and they take care of everything. I've been able to earn significantly more money by renting out my apartment with Guestit, and I don't have to worry about a thing. I highly recommend Guestit to anyone who wants to maximize their rental income."

Guestit: The Airbnb Alternative for Homeowners

Guestit is a short-term rental platform that offers homeowners a better way to rent out their space. We take care of everything from pricing and marketing to guest screening and cleaning. Homeowners can earn more money, have more control, and enjoy peace of mind with Guestit.

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