Optimized pricing

Case Study: Guestit's Pricing Tool Increases Your Revenue

By Olof KernellMarch 13, 2024
Optimized pricing
About the Owner:
The owner, a doctor and entrepreneur, has a fantastic apartment in Vasastan called "the quiet oasis". The location, the balcony and the personal style make the apartment a real hit with guests.

The apartment had been rented out sporadically in the past, but a lack of time and new adventures led the owner to contact Guestit. After a quick look at previous bookings, we realized with the help of our pricing algorithm that we could get a lot more out of it. Challenge accepted!

  1. To receive the first guests just three days after the owner contacted us.
  2. To take over an object that had been online before.
  3. To implement a pricing strategy that maximizes revenue.

  1. We built a customized pricing strategy for the owner's apartment based on data from similar properties and current trends.
  2. We prioritized longer bookings (4+ days).
  3. We increased the average price per night.

  1. 40% higher price per night with Guestit!
  2. A satisfied owner who could let go of the worries of hosting and let us take care of the apartment.
  3. Maximized revenue based on season and demand.

Why Guestit?
  1. We have our own pricing algorithm that is controlled by our data ninja to optimize your revenue.
  2. We have many years of experience in both the tourism and tech industries.
  3. We advertise on multiple platforms to reach as many potential guests as possible.

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