Booking policy

By Olof KernellFebruary 21, 2024
Booking policy
Thank you for choosing to book your accommodation on
Please ensure you read the information below to ensure your stay is enjoyable. 

All bookings are accepted on the basis that you have read, understood and agree to abide, and be bound by, the following Terms and Conditions. 

Please note: Check-in will only be authorized once you have agreed to the Terms and Conditions and paid all accommodation/booking fees and supplied all details required and a photo of your governmental ID. 

Please contact our agents if you require further clarification:
Email: Always communicate through the channel you received you booking confirmation
Phone: +468356564

Office hours are Monday to Friday 08:30– 17:00 

Check-in & Check out 
Unless check-in time is stated specifically in the listing-ad, check-in times are between 15:00 and 22:00 unless you have arranged otherwise with our office. (check-in fees for later check- ins may apply)

We are closed on public holidays and weekends. You are able to check in and out on these days however additional fees may apply. 

Please note that all properties have a minimum 5 night stay policy unless otherwise stated on the listing. 

Unless check-out time is stated specifically in the listing-ad, check-out time is att 11:00. Late check-out fee of 30€ applies. 

Listing specific cancellation policy applies. The specific policy is stated in the bottom of the listing page.

Under no circumstances are the 1% credit card surcharge and €25.00 booking fee refunded. Please ensure that you have researched the property prior to making your booking. 

Apart from general rules of conduct explained below each listing has its specific house-rules that you as a guest agree to when booking your stay. The specific house-rules are stated in the bottom on the listing page.

Property Viewings 
Property viewings are only offered on bookings of more than a two month period and are subject to availability. 


Booking Payments 
All bookings must be paid in full prior to check-in. The only exceptions to this will be based on the length of stay and are at the discretion of Guestit. Please be advised that a 1% surcharge is included in the price for booking and it applies to all MasterCard and Visa payments when entering into any transaction with Guestit. 

Credit Card Fees are not refundable under any circumstances.
If you choose to vacate a property prior to your check out date, all funds paid will be non-refundable. The client also agrees to be liable to all outstanding balances and rental funds at the time of vacate. Alternatively you may wish to pay by invoice/direct deposit. Please ensure your booking number is used as a reference. If this reference is not used we cannot guarantee that this money will be receipted to your booking and may therefore cause delays at check in time. Deposits are not transferable. 

All extensions of bookings must be fully paid when the extension request is made. Extensions cannot be guaranteed and are subject to other bookings in place. 

Credit card payments 
A Credit Card Authorisation Form is required for each booking and must be completed and returned along with a copy of your Photo ID prior to your check in.

Any cleans that are not a standard clean e.g. the property has been left especially dirty will be charged at a further €75.00 per hour. This will be deducted from your Credit Card. 

If during or after your stay an item is reported, constituting a charge, Guestit may put a hold for this amount on your credit card. The amount will then be completed and charged once an invoice has been issued. The difference where applicable will be released back into your account if these details have been provided; or If a charge has been made and there is a balance owing it will be returned to a bank account if account details have been supplied following an inspection and subject to the further conditions in this agreement, provided the premises are left in the same condition as at the start of the booking and provided all cleaning invoices have been received. 

Please be aware that rates are being updated every hour, hence only rates at every single time for inquiring applies. 

Upon payment in full of your accommodation and Credit Card Authorisation Form and copy of Photo ID is received, keys will be issued to you. 

If you intend to arrive outside of check-in hours, you must make prior arrangements with our office. Please be aware that after hours check in and check out fees may apply. 

All guests are responsible for the safekeeping of accommodation keys and all keys are to be returned. Any missing keys will be replaced and the cost charged to your credit card. 

If you lock your keys in the apartment, an agent may be available to attend. Please be aware that this will incur an after hours call out fee of $50.00. If an agent is unable to attend and a locksmith is required you will be charged the locksmith’s costs. 

Number of Occupants 
All accommodation must only be used for private/residential use only and to accommodate the number of guests stated on your booking confirmation. 

Exceeding the stated number of guests will result in a termination of booking and you being required to vacate the property immediately without refund.

Charges for additional guests will be debited to your Credit Card without further notice. If the amount owing is above the amount held you hereby accept this liability. 

No functions or parties may be conducted at the property under any circumstances. Quiet hours are from 22:00 to 07:00. If complaints are received and you are found not to have been respectful of neighbours in any way you will be required to vacate the premises with no further notice nor refund. 

What to bring 
All premises (unless stated on website) are fully self-contained. Personal requisites are not provided. It is expected that you will need to bring washing powder, detergents, and toilet paper as well as any other cleaning items. 

Bed-linen and bath-soap and shampoo is provided. 

All accommodation bookings are accepted on the basis that all occupants treat the property with the same respect as their own home in accordance with these Terms and Conditions. A professional clean will be carried out on check out and the cost is included in your total booking amount. Mid-stay cleans & a change of linen are available upon request and do incur additional fees. If a property is found to be left in an unreasonable state at check out, there may be excess cleaning charges involved. This will be determined on a case to case basis and a member of our team will contact the guest to advise of the excess cleaning. 

Linen is included in the booking price. A standard package is provided which includes one set of sheets and pillowcases per bed, one blanket, and one towel per person. 

Immediate termination may apply in the event of excessive noise, nuisance or disturbance caused to neighbouring properties during your occupancy. Guestit has the absolute and sole discretion to cancel my/our occupancy in the event that guests actions or behaviour compromise the safety and /or quiet enjoyment of neighbouring properties or others. The guest will be fully responsible and liable for payment of all charges incurred, irrespective of such cancellation, together with any financial loss suffered by the property owner and Guestit, to be debited from my security deposit or credit card without further notice. 

No pets are allowed either onto the grounds of the property, nor inside the accommodation under any circumstances. Any pets found in accommodation properties will result in a termination of your booking and additional cleaning charges will be debited to your credit card or deducted from your security deposit. 

If a pet is reported at the property without authority you will be charged a fee of €400.00 for fumigation of the property. 

Bookings are only valid if the Guest has a valid EU travel insurance covering the booking. In confirming a booking, the Guest also confirms having a valid EU travel insurance covering the booking. 

Whilst staying the Guest is fully responsible for all breakages and damage caused to the property, its furniture fittings, or any consequent loss suffered by the Property Owner and Guestit. Any such breakages, damage or loss must be reported IMMEDIATELY to the Guestit and either replaced to the satisfaction of the Property Owner/Guestit, or paid for prior to departure. Failure to comply with this condition will result in a debit of any such costs and expenses to your credit card or security deposit without further notice. 

Smoking inside premises 
There is no smoking inside any of the Properties. If there is evidence of such including a smoke odour you will be charged a fee of €500.00 to cover the cleaning of curtains, carpets and air-conditioning sterilization. 

The Guest agree to permit all repair and/or service personnel to enter the property for the purposes of conducting any repair, service or maintenance deemed necessary by the Property Owner/Guestit. If repairs need to be carried out please report the issue in the form provided in the check-in message. 

Personal belongings 
Please remember to take your personal belongings with you upon your departure as the Property Owner/Agent accept no responsibility whatsoever for any such items left behind. 

Fire alarm call outs 
Please be aware that our apartments and buildings are fitted with extremely sensitive smoke alarms.

Please ensure that all windows are open whilst cooking and there is sufficient ventilation. If the fire brigade is called to your apartment due to accidental/unwanted alarm activation, there is an €1000.00 charge which will be passed onto the occupying tenant. 

Unless stated in the add, internet access is not available to the accommodation. 

After hours assistance
Always communicate in text through the channel you received you booking confirmation. You will get swift answers between 07-23.

For urgent after hours assistance please call +468356564.
Please be aware that agents on call do attend appointments. If they are not available please leave a message and then will contact you back as soon as possible. A call out fee may apply in these circumstances. 

I as the Guest hereby acknowledge and agree that the Property Owner and Guestit will not be held responsible nor liable for: 

  • Any injury or loss suffered by the occupants, their invitees or guests whatsoever or howsoever caused whilst I/we are in occupancy of the accommodation due to my/our failure to comply with the Term and Conditions or House Rules;
  • Any other injury or loss suffered by the occupants, their invitees or guests whatsoever or howsoever.
  • Any noise, disturbance or inconvenience caused as a result of renovation/building/road works being carried out in or near the vicinity of the accommodation 

It is hereby agreed that Guestit provides holiday accommodation booking services only for and on behalf of the property owner. Any property descriptions or advertising materials are to be viewed as a general guide only. The agent or its representatives will not be held responsible or liable for any deficiency in the holiday accommodation or its furniture/fittings. 

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