Check in online

Forget hotel receptions with long queues. You who book your accommodation through Guestit conveniently check in online exactly when it suits you.

By Olof KernellFebruary 14, 2024
Check in online
Check-in always open 24/7

Online check-in is open 24/7. The only thing you need to keep in mind is that you check in within the interval specified on your booking confirmation, for example between 3pm and 10pm.
Are you arriving earlier and want to be able to gain access to the home immediately? Then there is the option of choosing early check-in.

How you check in

Check-in is designed to be as simple as possible while maintaining high security standards. We need to know that you are the one checking in and no one else.

1. Arrival time: The first step is for you to enter your arrival time.

2. Contact details: Fill in your civil registration address and your contact details.

3. Identify yourself with a passport/ID card: We have chosen a fast and secure identification process so that we know the right person is checking in. Take a photo of your passport or ID card and upload it here.

4. Credit card for deposit: Please fill in your card details. In connection with check-in, you pay a deposit of €250. The entire deposit is paid back to the same card and account when you leave the accommodation and check out. Don't want to pay a deposit? We offer deposit exemption for a fee of €35.

Now check-in is complete and you can enjoy your stay. Take the opportunity to explore the area and everything the accommodation has to offer. We at Guestit hope you will have a great time!

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