Choose additional services for your trip

With our extra services you get an even better experience. You book them when you check in online and you can also do it at any time during your stay.

By Olof KernellFebruary 14, 2024
Choose additional services for your trip
It is easy and convenient to book Guestit's extra services. You choose which service you want and when you want it. You put the service in the shopping cart and then confirm the booking.

Extra cleaning

Do you want a sparkling clean home during your entire stay? Book one or more extra cleanings and our cleaners will make sure everything is as nice as when you arrived. The cleaning is scheduled to suit you and is always carried out by experienced staff and with environmentally friendly products.

Early check-in

Are you arriving earlier than regular check-in and would like to have access to the home? Then you can already book early check-in. We will agree on a new check-in time when you can start using the home and enjoy your stay.

Late check out

If you want to stay a little longer, you can book a late check-out. You get valuable extra time regardless of whether the work requires it or you simply want to pack and enjoy the last day without stress.

Deposit exemption

Guestit offers deposit waiver as an extra service. A deposit of €250 is usually paid at check-in. The entire deposit is paid back to the same card and account when you leave the accommodation and check out. For a fee of €35, you are exempt from paying a deposit.

Toothbrush and toothpaste

Forgot your toothbrush or toothpaste? Or don't you want to carry the toiletries with you on the trip? Do not worry. You can order toothbrushes and toothpaste so that they are delivered directly to your home.

Fruit and candy basket

Enjoy tasty snacks waiting for you when you arrive. Or place an order at any time during your stay. You can get a really fresh fruit basket, a delicious candy basket - or a nice mix of fruit and candy.

Transportation to the airport

At the end of their stay, many people take a taxi to the airport or go there by other means. Why wait until the last minute to book transport to the airport? Use our extra service to ensure that you get a taxi or other desired means of transport at a time that suits you.

More extra services

Add the extra services that suit you best and that enhance your experience the most. We at Guestit are happy to make your stay something extra special and can also provide more extra services based on your personal wishes.
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